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Puri Jagannadh’s appeal to Modi on porn ban

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Apart from RGV, the only celebrity who showed concern over the current issue of porn ban is none other than the hunky dory director, Puri Jagannadh. There has been an atrocity across the Nation and all the networking sites about the Government taking the drastic step of banning most of the major porn sites desisting  freedom and privacy.

Puri Jagannadh has tweeted to share his opinion and has directly asked Modi that it would be great if the Government also bans cigarettes and alcohol if it’s really concerned about the well being of the youth but why is it that only porn is banned and not cigarettes and alcohol.

Seems like Puri is as outspoken as his guru, RGV not only in speaking out his mind but also in questioning the Government. Currently Puri is busy with the shooting of his film, Loafer with actor Varun Tej.


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