13 year old Muslim girl asked if she was carrying a bomb by school principal

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A Muslim middle school student’s father  said that a teacher asked his daughter if she was carrying a bomb in her backpack.The school’s principal however has apologized for the incident, according to a spokeswoman. Abdirizak Aden said the teacher at Shiloh Middle School in Georgia, stopped his 13-year-old daughter, who wears a hijab, and asked if she had a bomb.Aden told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that his daughter was extremely upset by the comment and he went to the school to see what had happened.

The father expressed distress and said “I was upset,” said Aden, who works as a truck driver and grocery store owner. “I was going to take my daughter out (of that school).””We are from Africa, we are Muslims, we live in America,” he said. “I didn’t teach my children to hate people or to think they are better than other people.”

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