14 killed: California shootings as FBI investigate it as act of terror

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WASHINGTON: She was so private and conservative that there are no photographs of her even though she operated a Facebook account under a false name. Even her in-laws never saw her outside a full-faced orthodox burka. And nursing a newborn infant at home didn’t stop her from stocking up an arsenal at home, under cover and possibly with help from a husband, who she knew, always been interested in shooting and weapons, and who she likely radicalized.

In a dramatic twist to the San Bernardino shooting case that resulted in 35 casualties, including 14 dead, investigators are now focusing on Tashfeen Malik, the 27-year Pakistani wife of Syed Rizwan Farook, who reportedly pledged allegiance to ISIS on the day of the carnage through a fake Facebook account. The Pakistani media is also reporting that US officials have found Tashfeen had ties to clerics of the Lal Masjid in Islamabad, an extremist hub that was attacked during the Musharraf regime resulting in scores of casualties, including many women, and an eruption in extremist anger.

Meanwhile, it transpires that Tashleen’s father Malik Gulzar Aulkah also moved to the United States. It is not known if she had anything to do with his emigration. According to one account, she was recently granted a two-year provisional green card that spouses of American citizens are eligible for immediately after marriage. That provisional green card becomes a long-term 10-year permanent residency after the couple prove they have been together for two years.

One other intriguing aspect of their alliance: Farook uploaded his profile on iMilap, an online matrimonial website for people with disabilities and those seeking a second marriage. It is not clear if either or both of them had any disability or were into their second marriage

Farook also worked part time in the regional center that cared for people with disability, the same place he and wife attacked, killing 14 and injuring 21.

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