14-Year-Old Allegedly Tortured in Gurgaon Home

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A 14-year-old girl from Jharkhand was found inside a closet in a businessman’s home in Gurgaon near Delhi on Wednesday, with signs of torture on her body.

The teenager, who is now in hospital, has told activists and the police that she was beaten and starved by her employers, a couple with twins. She has alleged that she was given only two rotis a day, beaten with a mop and even attacked with a knife once.

On Wednesday night, a neighbour called the police helpline and complained that the family was torturing the girl. The family was informed of the police raid in advance and had locked the girl in an almirah.

The police could not find the girl during the initial raid. After receiving another complaint on the helpline number, they roped in an NGO working for the welfare of children, Shakti Vahini for the raid.

The chairman of Child Welfare Committee, Gurgaon, Shakuntala Dhull, said, “We have requested the police to find a shelter home for the girl. The police have also been asked to file an FIR under appropriate sections. As the girl belongs to a tribal family, the SC/ST acts will also be invoked.”

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