14-year-old Raped Dalit Teenager dies, Mother Alleges Another Daughter Threatened

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14-year-old Raped Dalit Teenager dies, Mother Alleges Another Daughter Threatened
14-year-old Raped Dalit Teenager dies, Mother Alleges Another Daughter Threatened

A 14-year-old Dalit rape victim who was repeatedly sexually assaulted and was forced to drink a corrosive substance, died at a hospital in New Delhi on Sunday, prompting an anguished Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chief to lash out at the Centre and Delhi Police on the issue of women’s safety.

Swati Maliwal tweets read : “How many Nirbhayas does Delhi want? We all simply wait for next Nirbhaya to die,”. Maliwal added that she “never felt so helpless.”

“The girl was fed a corrosive substance which completely destroyed her internal organs and she died a very painful death,” she said, adding that it was only after the Commission issued notice to the DCP (North), the accused who was roaming free was arrested.

She asked the Centre to set up a high-level ministerial committee on women safety under the leadership of Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

“To add insult to injury, Home Ministry scrapped Women Safety Sp Task Force in Delhi set up wen Nirbhaya died stating it’s mandate finished!

“She is dead ! We the system is responsible. Never felt so helpless. Need to do something. Come on people …(sic),” Maliwal said in a series of tweets.

Maliwal was alluding to the Centre’s recent decision to disband the Special Task Force on women’s safety in Delhi. It was established in 2013 in the aftermath of the brutal Nirbhaya gangrape.

The teenager was kidnapped again from her home in May, just before a court hearing on her rape case, allegedly by the accused.

She returned 12 days later on May 26. She told Delhi Commission for Women that she was raped “several times a day”, her hands and feet were kept tied up and she was denied food.

She was allegedly forced to drink acid mixed in juice.

“When my child came back home, she had bruises all over. Her mouth, chest and limbs had been blackened,” said the teen’s mother, who works as a hospital sweeper.

She says the accused man’s family has now threatened to kidnap their other daughter.

“The accused and his family told her if she told the court, they would kill her father and mother. She was scared,” the mother sobbed.

Swati Maliwal, the chief of the Delhi Commission for Women, had tweeted yesterday: “How many Nirbhayas does Delhi want?”

In a sign of the politics that Ms Maliwal alleges has left women’s safety completely neglected in the capital, the police have claimed that the girl kept changing her statements and denying rape.

A senior police officer told NDTV the girl did go missing twice but both times, she retracted her rape claim. The accused was let off on bail in December only after she withdrew the rape charge, he claimed.

The women’s panel has alleged that the girl and her family were intimidated and pressured. “I don’t deny that she changed and withdrew her statement several times before the court and the police. It’s a matter worth investigating,” said Ms Maliwal.

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