15-Year-Old Charged With Theft of Pigeon Found Dead

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A 15-year-old boy was found dead yesterday with wounds all over his body, hours after he was taken away by the police in Haryana, which is battling anger after two young siblings were burnt alive in their home on Monday.

The boy’s family and several others are sitting with his body on a road near their village in Sonepat district, around 50 km from Delhi. They have demanded Rs. 10 lakh as compensation and action against two policemen who have been charged with beating the boy.

The police allegedly took away the boy for questioning on Wednesday. Relatives alleged that when his mother went to get him, the police first demanded Rs. 10,000 and then Rs. 5,000 more for his release. When the boy’s mother went with the money, they allege, she was told that he had escaped.

Sitting in protest next to Govind’s sobbing mother, his aunt said: “The boy had no father, no grandfather or uncle. His mother is a widow. There is no justice…His arms and legs were fractured.”

The family had earlier agreed to remove the body after the government promised action, but they have now stepped up their protest, forcing the government to send a large number of policemen to the area.

“Whoever is guilty, be it a police officer or anyone, will be arrested,” said Vinod Kumar, a senior police officer.

On Monday in another village around 80 km away, a toddler and his 11-month-old sister died after their house was set on fire, allegedly by members of an upper caste community.

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