17 Years Old Girl Raped By 11 Men In Jaipur

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On Monday, India saw yet another chilling reminder of the 2012 Delhi gangrape, after a Delhi teen reported that she was allegedly gang raped by 11 men over 24 hours at a hotel room in Jaipur. The 17-year-old girl told the police that a couple had taken her to Jaipur under the pretext of getting her a job and later abandoned her at the hotel room, following which, she said, 11 people took turns to rape her.

A medical examination has confirmed that the minor was raped.

The Delhi Police have arrested six people, including the couple who allegedly took the girl to Jaipur on the pretext of a job. The police said the man was known to the girl.
They arrested four people from Jaipur, including the owner of the hotel.
Staff at the hotel told NDTV that the girl had checked in with a man on August 29. On August 31, the staff said, the man checked out alone.

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