2 men in collapsed tunnel for 9 days still fighting for survival

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In a few hours, three men may see the living daylights after nine days of struggle and suffocation in a collapsed tunnel that is being dig inch by inch on a hill by rescue workers as  feeble voices are heard on a CCTV camera. The rescue team performed prayers at the site in Bilaspur, around 110 km from Shimla on Sunday morning .The men who are currently buried deep in the collapsed tunnel were working on the tunnel, which is a part of a highway project in Himachal Pradesh, when a large section caved in on September 12, bringing boulders crashing down.

A drilling machine has been specially brought in from Jaipur to dig the men out in this rescue mission by the 50 member rescue team. They made a  a vertical shaft from the hilltop to the roof of the tunnel. On the weekend, the machine developed a snag, which was fixed early this morning. Incessant rain has also set the digging back by several hours.  A high resolution video camera  was inserted down a pipe last week through which the two trapped men have been in constant touch with the rescue team since then.


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