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Did RGV become a theist ?

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RGV and controversy have to go hand in hand. He is not only popular for his quirky statements but also for his potpourri movies. Now a days he is more popular for his controversies and off-the-wall statements. He was recently slammed by Delhi court to pay the Sippy family  10 lakh rupees in an act of copying the movie ‘Sholay’ and making the movie ‘Aag’ which is the modern version of old classic humongous block buster hit  ‘Sholay’.

Every one is aware of the fact that RGV is a self confessed atheist however a recent pic of his worshiping or rather praying to Lord Ganesha is going viral on the internet. Well to people who know him, are aware that it is some kind of a media hype or media attention and that he has not turned into a theist.

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