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Devaraj happy with his son’s second film

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Dynamic actor of Sandalwood, Devaraj is very much pleased with the making style of young PC Shekar who is the director of the movie ‘Arjuna’. This film marks the second film of Devaraj’s son, Prajwal and he said that he is very proud of his son as his performance was brilliant as an actor and proved his mettle.  Director Shekar has very clever ideas that are required for a director said Devaraj.

Prajwal Devaraj who sat next his dad took pride in saying  that those who want to see his father again as a tough cop should come to ‘Arjuna’. He also said that his dream of becoming an actor has com true. Shekar has done a good job as a director taking utmost care of the script and the story line which will be a sure shot success. Prajwal added on to say that he would like to thank the media for accepting him and his father for many years of journey in the film industry.

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