5 incredible kitchens of India that serve food for free

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5 incredible kitchens of India that serve food for free

India is a country where every religion believes that one can gain holy virtue by donating food to the needy. There are a lot of temples and trusts that offer free food for the visitors on the daily basis. They charge very less and sometimes doesn’t charge at all. Some of those kitchen are just huge and noticeable well maintained. Here are the details of 5 of such mega kitchens.

1 Sri Sai Sansthan Prasadalaya

Shirdi Sai temple is one of the most visited temples in the country. The temple trust has planned and built a Prasadalaya, which was meant to be the biggest dining hall of Asia. The Sai Sansthan Prasadalaya can accommodate over 5000 devotees to have food at a time. According to the records, close to 1,00,000 people take food from this facility. The trust has spent Rs. 22,93,65,371/- over the construction of this Prasadalaya over 02 hector 85 R space. What they charge for the Prasad meal is 10/- for adults and 5/- for children below 10 years. And for the VIP section, the meal would cost 40/- for adults and 20/- for kids below 10 years. This is hardly half a kilometer away from the Baba temple in Shirdi and is open for all the days in year.

2 The Golden Temple

The Langar Hall in Golden temple is continues the tradition of serving food for the devotees which was initiated by Guru Nanak Dev ji. This dining hall has a history of Mughal King Akbar came, sat down and ate along with the normal people in this dining hall. According to the observations, the kitchen serves over 200000 roties, 1.5 tons of Daal, 10 Quintal Rice, 5000 Liters of Milk every day to 1,00,000 people every day for free of cost. Yes! They don’t take a single penny and wouldn’t stop serving till your tummy is full. You get to see the generousness of Sikhs and their hospitality right there in that dining hall every single day throughout the year.

3 ISKCON Akshaya Patra

This is a kitchen which is more into charity and less spiritual. Because, they serve the students across the country. Their mission is ‘1 Million meals a day’. There is a special and dedicated team that delivers the nutritious food to every government school every day in lunch time. It’s a non-profit organization that believes no child should be deprived of education because of hunger. Akshaya Patra is right now based in Bangalore but soon will be spreading it’s wings to the other parts of the country.

4 Dharmasthala Manjunath Temple

‘Annadanam’ kitchen of Dharmasthala Manjunath Temple is initiated and being run by Heggade brothers from many generations. This will be conducted in festival and auspicious days. The kitchen prepares more than 70 quintals of rice, 15 quintals of vegetables and 2000 coconuts! The dining hall can facilitate 3000 devotees at a time. The surroundings are maintained with good hygiene and cleanliness.

5 The Jagannath Temple, Puri

Lord Jagannatha’s Prasad contains 56 different kinds of items that are made in earthen pots over firewood. They only use the water drawn from two different wells Yamuna and Ganges for preparing the Prasadam that are there in the temple premises. This is called ‘Maha Prasadam’ which is considered to be very sacred and important. The epics say that Goddess Mahalakshmi directly supervise the kitchen and the food. And there is a belief that a shadow will appear on a wall there if Mahalakshmi doesn’t like the food or if she thinks it isn’t good enough. This Mahaprasada is made totally 6 times a day that means the kitchen runs almost all the day for the whole year. The visitors always say that you just can’t miss tasting that Mahaprasada not only for spiritual reasons, but that is the only place you get to taste it. It’s very authentic yet tasty.

So, next time when you visit any of these places, don’t you forget to visit these kitchens and taste that special food from the incredible kitchens!

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