50% of girls sexually harassed on way to school, 32% stalked

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A 2014 study by NGO ‘Breakthrough’ on 900 young girls and boys in six states revealed that 52% of students experienced leering and staring followed by touching, pinching and groping. Girls and boys in Karnataka, UP, Jharkhand, Bihar, Haryana and Delhi said 47% of such incidents happen during morning hours when they go to school and 48% during their return. While 52% incidents of harassment faced by schoolgirls happened at bus stops, 23% said the incidents took place within schools or college buildings. To advocate safe journey, Breakthrough has launched an online campaign.

Breakthrough has launched an online campaign called #MakeitSafer. The campaign solicits public participation to support its focused drive of creating a safer ecosystem for school-going girls in 16 districts of 6 highly affected states.
The #MakeitSafer campaign is a part of Breakthrough’s larger programme against sexual harassment.

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