6 die in an explosion at Hasita Aromatics Private Limited

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Four of the persons who died in the explosion at Hasita Aromatics Private Limited, Maheshwaram, belonged to Chhattisgarh, one was from the Krishna district of AP and the sixth from Meerpet of Hyderabad. The Chhattisgarh natives were labourers, while the other two were floor in-charges.The four from Chaha-ttisgarh are M. Kosaram, 22, B. Dasaram, 25, Devaram, 24, and Jogaram. Sathyanara-yana Murthy, 40, who died in the blast lived at Meerpet and was the supervisor of the unit. Victim I. Venkateswara Rao, 28, hails from Krishna district.

Police suspects that the reactor exploded due to imbalance in temperature. However, the exact reason is yet to be confirmed. “The chemicals stored in the reactor moves to the Netch filter during the production process. Something went wrong in between leading to the blast. Technicians are probing the matter.

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