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9 dead & 1,800 effected with dengue in Delhi

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There is an outbreak of Dengue in Delhi and 9 people have been dead already and is considered to be the worst outbreak in the last 5 years forcing urgent action by the government to fight the crisis. Over 1,800 dengue cases have been reported in Delhi so far with just 600 in the last one week alone.Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s government, on Monday, ordered 1,000 extra beds in hospitals to treat dengue patients. Doctors at state-run hospitals have been told to cancel their leaves immediately.The government was spurred into action following the suicide of a couple whose seven-year-old son died from the fever allegedly after being refused treatment at a number of Delhi hospitals.

YK Mann, director of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, said that “This is the worst outbreak in the last five years and it is going to further increase as the weather remains humid,”. Dengue fever, also known as “break-bone disease” which has no known vaccination or cure, strikes fear into the citizens of Delhi when it arrives with the monsoon rains.Hospitals across the capital are stretched to breaking, with patients sharing beds and scores jostling at government health facilities for free tests for the fever .The government’s move comes after a grief-stricken couple jumped from a four-story building in Delhi last week, two days after their son’s death.Transmitted to humans by the female Aedes Aegypti mosquito, dengue causes high fever, headaches, itching and joint pains that last about a week.

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