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9 men & a boy executed by IS Jihadists for being gay

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According to reports by a monitoring group, the Islamic State Jihadist group executed 9 men and a boy implicating them to be gay. The execution took place in Central and Northern Syria on Tuesday. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the jihadists killed 7 men in Rastan of Central Syria as they have accused them of being gay. They killed 2 men and a boy in Hreitan town in Nothern province of Aleppo. It has been claimed that the Jihadist group executed the men in public and destroyed any cameras that had recorded the killings.

Horrific violence has been implicated by the IS to implement its rule in the  “caliphate” it declared in territory straddling Iraq and Syria. Along with homosexuality, witchcraft and loyalty to President Bashar al-Assad are also considered capital punishment offences in IS-controlled areas. In earlier cases, IS beheaded homosexuals or thrown them from rooftops. So far, over 3,000 people  including at least 1,800 civilians have been executed by IS  since it announced its caliphate in June 2014 as per reports by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights


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