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Aamir Khan works out traditionally for ‘Dangal’

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Mr Perfectionist, Aamir Khan, at present is shooting for his next, ‘Dangal’ in Ludhiana, Punjab.He has adopted the local form of working out by visiting the akhadas. Aamir is on a special diet, and follows a specific kind of workout, which has been customised, keeping in mind his requirements for the role. As he plays a retired wrestler in the film, his trainer, who has been with him for a year now, used special equipment for his workouts while they were in Mumbai.

Now that he is in Ludhiana, his trainer suggested that they call for the equipment there as well. Aamir saw the locals working out in the akhadas. He then told his trainer that since the wrestlers there exercise in the traditional form, he could do that too. Hence, he started doing the same.



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