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“Aaspota” based on former PM Rajiv Gandhi’s Assassination

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Aaspota AMR Ramesh
Aaspota AMR Ramesh

Twenty five years ago, on the very same day India has lost its prime minister under a dramatic assassination. Now on the very same date director AMR Ramesh launched his new film based on the same incident. The film is titled as ‘Aaspota’ (means Blast). The film narrates the 110 days of drama that led to the assassination.

‘I’ve spent months interviewing people for more accurate details. I met a lot of people related to the incident that happened 25 years ago. I happened to talk to the people who were part of the CBI, as well as the LTTE at that time. I hope by now people know my work and understand the fact that I tell truth on screen.’

He said he is planning to approach kamal Hassan or Vikram for the ‘Karthikeyan’ role Tamil version of the film while he has Darshan and Sudeep for Kannada version. Ravi kale is finalized to play Srinivasan’s character for both languages. Who will play Rajiv Gandhi, isn’t finalized yet.

Deshraj Rai who produced Ramesh’ ‘Game’ will be producing ‘Aaspota’ as well. Rathnavelu will be the cinematographer, Anthony will handle editing and Sandeep Chowta takes care of music.

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