Acting with Kids isn’t very easy: Kunchacko Boban

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Kunchacko Boban in 'School Days'
Kunchacko Boban in ‘School Days’

After tremendous critical applause for ‘School Bus’, the actor Kunchacko Boban shared his experience and memories while working with kids. School Bus is not the first film Kunchacko acted with kids. His earlier films like Aniyathipravu and Priyam have got scenes between kunchacko and kids.

He said it is not a cake walk to act with kids. Easiest way t work with children is to be one among them. He said he always gets amazed by seeing the acting skills in kids. He said, ‘when one is acting along with children, the kids take the film forward’.

He said he had great time with kids between shots. He used to play different games with them.