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Actor Jiva loved ‘Puli’

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The well versed actor, Jiiva who shares a good friendship bond with Vijay has watched the film ‘Puli’ and has been full of praises for the actor as well as the film. The movie has released just a few days back and got mixed reviews but the technical aspects of the film, fantasy element are being well appreciated.

Jiva says “Pulii is a beautiful film targeted at Children. It is a fantasy film with so many graphics sequences which will be liked by all kinds of audiences. The film takes us to a different world from reality. Vijay has acted in a film that is not just for his fans but a commercial film that would appeal to children and family audience.Acting in a film for children has been a long time dream of mine. The film has unusual characters, Vijay appears in a different getup and the film has good share of dance and fight sequences. Overall it is a enjoyable film”.

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