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Actor Kader Khan hospitalized in Canada

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Actor Kader Khan hospitalized in Canada


Kader Khan has been on wheel-chair since a long time due to pain in his joints. However, his health condition deteriorated recently, after which he was rushed to Canada where his elder son resides.

It been almost three yeas that Kader Khan has been keeping unwell because of joint pain in his knees. He could barely walk and was most of the times on a wheelchair. Recently, Shakti Kapoor, who has worked with the veteran actor in many films, revealed that his heath condition has worsened, and so he was rushed to Canada.

Shakti Kapoor, who partnered him in many films, is aware about Kader Khan’s condition. We contacted him and he says: “Yes, Kader Khan is now on a wheelchair. It’s so so sad to be talking about this and I am trying to reach him since the past few days, but I am not able to get his number. I hope to have it in the next 2-3 days.”

Adds Shakti, “Kader Khan’s elder son resides in Canada. So, he has gone there to avail medical facilities which can cure him. I think his wife is accompanying him.”

Kader Khan is an Indian-Canadian film actor, comedian, script and dialogue writer, as well as director. He has appeared in over 300 films after his debut in the 1973 film Daag in which he acted as a prosecuting attorney. Khan graduated from Ismail Yusuf College affiliated to Bombay University. Before entering the film industry in the early 1970s, he taught at M. H. Saboo Siddik College of Engineering, Mumbai as a professor of Civil Engineering.

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