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Actor Nandu is turning director and it’s a Joke

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Nandu is directing a Demo Film
Nandu is directing a Demo Film

Anand Srikrishna (Better known as Nandu) is a familiar face for Tollywood. Known for his acting in films like 100% love, Paathashala, 365 days, Ice cream 2, Nandu doesn’t need introduction. When you see his Photograph, the film hits your memory is 100% Love. He got a little more limelight when he signed film for Ram Gopal Varma. But sadly Ice Cream 2 was one from the lot RGV threw on Tollywood audience couple of years ago. So, it didn’t give Nandu any extra points. He was featured in few more films and a Tamil film as well but none of them could give him as much as appreciation he bagged for his short films and independent films.

His short film ‘Adithi’ with his wife Geeta Madhuri was a head turner at that time. Later he did another short film titled ‘Why not a Girl?’ and that got him a lot of compliments for his acting. His next with Anchor Lasya, ‘Pove Pora’ tried to cash the celeb images of both actors but let’s not talk about it.

Anyway, now this actor wants to turn film maker. He is busy making his directorial demo. The title is ‘Joke’ and captioned It’s a serious film’. Looks like a thriller. So, let’s see what Nandu have in store for us.

Did I forget to tell you that his next film ‘Kannullo Nee Rupamy’ started shooting recently in Hyderabad. So, All the best Nandu.