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Actor Vishal Suspended from Producers’ Council

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Actor Vishal Suspended from Producers’ Council
Actor Vishal Suspended from Producers’ Council


Tamil Nadu Producer Council elections, the council has suspended the membership of actor Vishal, thus giving him a solid ground to kickstart his campaign for the upcoming elections. The decision of the producers’ body was taken because of an interview that Vishal gave to a Tamil magazine recently.

Vishal, actor-producer, who is the general secretary of the Nadigar Sangam, has been removed from the Tamil Film Producers’ Council (TFPC), of which he is a member. TheTFPC had taken an interview that Vishal had given to a Tamil magazine last August, and had sought explanation from him regarding the same. The actor had criticised the council in his interview, mentioning that it was more interested in solving remuneration issues through Katta Panchayat than more important ones like piracy, and finding new avenues to augment revenue. He had also informed of his plans to contest the next TFPC elections.

“Since I have been suspended, I can’t say now. But, definitely, a team comprising of younger producers will contest in the elections. A lot needs to be done in the area of piracy and we will fight against the current office bearers,” he said.

Alleging that the current office-bearers of the producers’ council did not take any effort to curb piracy, he said, “Around seven movies were captured on camera at the PVR Orion mall in Bangalore. What action have they taken? Nothing. We will keep raising these questions and present a manifesto to the members before the elections in January.”

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