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Actors Vishal & Nasser retract their nominations

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Ace actors of Kollwood, Nasser and Vishal have contested  for the posts of President and General Secretary respectively in the upcoming Nadigar Sangam Elections, 2015.Now the latest news from the industry insiders is that both the actors have cancelled the nominations they have filed. This does not mean that the actors have blindly given up on the elections and their posts.The Nadigar Sangam battle is very much on. As per the laws of the Sangam, dummy nominations have to be filed for each post apart from the filing of nomination by the main candidate as an alternative in the event of unexpected circumstances.

As per this rule, Vishal had filed the dummy nomination for the President post and Nasser for the General Secretary post.As per the decision taken in a meeting held by Pandavar Ani and its supporters in Chennai yesterday, Nasser and Vishal have annulled their dummy nominations.Actors Karthi, Karunas, Ponvannan and Gerold are also expected to cancel the alternative nominations they have filed for contesting in the elections.

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