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Actress Meghana Raj booked under cheating case

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An interesting yet a sad news about a leading Kannada actress has gone viral in almost all the news channels. Though the news is yet to confirmed, the rumor has turned out to be the word of mouth in the localities. The news is that, Meghana Raj is already married! Yes! A peculiar news about the ‘Punda’ actress has come to the limelight. The sources also revealed that, a cheating case has been filed against the actress.

Further reports say that, Janardhan, a businessman based in Tamil Nadu, sent an email complaint to Bengaluru City Police Commissioner NS Megharikh claiming that Meghana had promised to marry him, but backed out. He reportedly added that she even stole some documents and other evidence that would prove that they were in a relationship. The case is now with the JP Nagar police. Actress, Meghana is the daughter of popular actor couple Sundar Raj and Prameela Joshai.

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