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Actress Suhasini compares Dhanush & Yash

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Suhasini compares Yash with Tamil actor Dhanush after working in his upcoming movie Masterpiece. Directed by Manju Mandavya, Masterpiece is an action-thriller. The movie is slated to release on Dec 24 and Suhasini has played Yash’s mother in the movie.   Overwhelmed with the responses heard about Yash’s Masterpiece, the veteran actress Suhasini has shared her working experiences with a leading daily.  The gorgeous actress has revealed that, “Yash is a taller, fairer version of Dhanush (laughs)”. Suhasini continued to tell, “While Dhanush steps out only for his shot, Yash is very hands-on. He even used to correct me during my scenes. He was not afraid of telling a senior artiste like me when I was going wrong, and that can be upsetting, but we are all artistes at the end of the day,” she adds.

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