Actress, Swara Bhaskar encounter with a crazy fan

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Raanjhanaa actress Swara Bhaskar recently received a crazy fan letter which claimed thatshe was her wife!

Swara has been hosting popular Doordarshan show ‘Rangoli’. The show which has been doing well usually receives several letters and emails from the fans requesting for songs.

However, this time, the ‘Rangoli’ team received a letter from a fan of Swara who also sent a mangalsutra and a bindi with the letter.

It is learnt that the team received a letter from one seemingly unique fan of Swara, who claimed that Swara was his wife! He also sent a mangalsutra and bindi in the letter asking Swara to wear these in the show and sent her a rewritten script asking her to introduce herself as his wife with his surname!A source at Doordarshan confirmed saying, “Yes we were quite surprised to receive a mangalsutra for Swara from a man claiming to be her husband. It’s never happened before. It must be a crazy fan.”

When contacted Swara made light of the matter, “It’s all fun and cute i suppose and flattering in a freaky creepy way.. As long as this gentleman doesn’t actually land up at my house or something.”
Well as they say, you are not really a star till you have a crazy fan! Looks like Swara got herself one!!

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