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Actress Varalakshmi walks out of new film Accusing Producer

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Varalakshmi Sarathkumar walks out of new film Accusing Producer



Actress Varlakshmi Sarathkumar signed on to play the lead role in the Malayalam movie ‘Aakasha Mittai‘ directed by Samuthirakani with Jayaram as the hero. The film is the remake of Samuthirakani’s superhit ‘Appa’.

We had recently reported thatVaralaxmi Sarathkumar had signed to play the female protagonist in Samuthirakani’s debut directorial in Malayalam, Aakasha Mittai. The actress herself told us she was “excited to work with both Samuthirakani and Jayaram” in the movie. However, we have now come to know that Varalaxmi is not part of the project anymore.

The actress, who was supposed to play Jayaram’s wife in the film, tells us, “I walked out of the film. I had a problem with the producers and we didn’t get along. I didn’t want to work under the conditions they specified.” She says that she doesn’t want to say anything more about what happened.

Samuthirakani was unavailable for comment but when we contacted the film’s producer Sudev, he told us that Varalaxmi didn’t fit the character.

Without going into too much detail, she said she can’t work with ‘manner-less’ people. “Thnk u to Samuthirakani sir n Jayaram sir for hvng supported my decision.. can’t work wid male chauvinists n mannerless prods..#respectwomen,” Varalaxmi wrote on his Twitter page.

“We had decided to cast her because we needed someone on chubbier side like her character in Kasaba. However, Varalaxmi has trimmed down considerably, and does not match the character profile now. So, we had to drop her and choose Ineya to play the role instead,” says Sudev.

So, didn’t the team see Varalaxmi before the casting? The producer says, “None of us had seen her in the last two months. We had only her character in Kasaba in mind while casting her. We realised that she had lost weight only when she came to the film’s pooja in Kochi a few days ago.”

Ask him if there was a tiff between the producers and the actress, and Sudev says, “We couldn’t tell her the reason why she didn’t fit the character without offending her, as she’s an established actress. But there was nothing like a tiff.” The movie, which is inspired by Samuthirakani’s Appa, is currently being shot in Kochi.

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