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Afghan woman stoned to death for committing adultry

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According to reports by local media in Afganisthan, an Afghan woman has been stoned to death after being accused of adultery in a remote western province controlled by the Taliban. The video of the stoning in Ghor province came out late on Monday and has been widely discussed on social media in Afghanistan Governor Sima Joyenda told Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Afghanistan that the killing took place in the village of Ghalmin.

The stoning occurred around six days ago after the local tribal council found her guilty of having pre-marital sex with her fiancé, officials told DPA agency.The fiancé was lashed but the 19-year-old woman, named as Rokhshana, was stoned to death.”It is absurd that the government of Afghanistan lets this happen.”The area is controlled by the Taliban,” said Mohseni, adding that “the government will follow-up on the incident, once the area comes under our authority”.

In the video, the woman is put in a hole with only her head visible and several men surround the hole, throwing stones at her head.The woman’s screams can be heard while the men shout “Allah hu Akbar” meaning “God is Almighty”.

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