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After Barbara Mori, it is Angela Krislinzki for Hrithik Roshan

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After Barbara Mori, it is Angela Krislinzki for Hrithik Roshan



Hrithik Roshan is a man with a big heart. Whenever he can lend a helping hand to any of his co-stars, be it Indian or International, he manages to do the same. In the past, Hrithik had turned mentor for Barbara Mori, with whom he has been linked after they shared some crackling chemistry in Kites. However, that didn’t work out. Now, the actor has been guiding a Polish-Spanish actress Angela Krislinzki by taking keen interest in her career graph.

The lady, however, considers him as her mentor. Talking about how instrumental Hrithik had been in her career, Angela said: “Like every other newcomer, I had a crush on Hrithik when I worked with him for the first time in a commercial. When I told him about my half-Spanish background, he was reminded about the old-world charm of Valencia and Spain. He was supportive and gave me acting tips.”

She further said that it was Hrithik who assured her that her first South film would help her shape her acting career. She was also sceptical about getting a good role in Bollywood movies because of her international looks, but again it was the Bollywood hunk who told her to work on her acting skills and Hindi diction to venture into Bollywood.

“I consider Hrithik a mentor and keep him informed. I showed him a song from my last south release, Size Zero and he liked it immensely. Later, I even sent him the first look and trailer of my upcoming film Rogue and he was impressed,” she added.


Interestingly, both Angela and Hrithik were to feature together in a music video. But Hrithik’s injury was a hindrance for them. “That was soon after Hrithik’s Aashiqui video was released. We had even rehearsed together for a day, but Hrithik suffered an injury soon after and it was called off. I was looking forward to it,” reveals Angela.

Angela, who was last seen in a South film Size Zero, confessed that she is worried about her Bollywood career. But that hasn’t deterred the actress. She discussed her insecurities with Hrithik who has been a huge support to her. “I told him it would be difficult for me to access filmmakers and get the right roles in Bollywood because of my international looks. He assured me that it was all about confidence and asked me to work on my acting skills and Hindi diction. That conversation with him changed my life.”

She concludes, “I wouldn’t know. I am happy that I have found a great friend and mentor in him. I would love to work with him again but I don’t know when it will happen.”

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