Aishwarya Rai got Pissed off and got the Footage Deleted too.. Why?

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Reporter quizzed Ash about Working with Salman
Reporter quizzed Ash about Working with Salman

Aishwarya Rai bachchan is usually very balanced and manages her emotions well in front of media. But a journalist managed to crack it to the worst side.
Recent days, some journalists are mastering the talent of irritating the celebrities and making them lose their cool. We’ve seen enough interviews and incidents where we almost started hating that job. At a recent interview, Aish was interacting with the journalist and he asked if she is over the relationship with Slaman khan and ready to work with him again. The beauty queen got pissed off and stromed out of the room immediately. She even got the footage deleted.
I mean now we have no evidence to see if that was a bad time to ask that question or if the journalist has actually rubbed the wrong side.

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