Akshara Haasan’s Obnoxious Behaviour With Film Journalist & Distributor Revealed. Not Acceptable!

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Akshara Haasan’s Obnoxious Behaviour With Film Journalist & Distributor Revealed. Not Acceptable!



We wonder if newbie Akshara Haasan knows that everything gets reported in Bollywood- be it an incident that happened in the open or one that took place behind closed doors.

On Friday evening, Kamal Haasan’s younger daughter took the wind out of the sails of a journalist and a distributor.

So, what exactly happened?

The 25-year old Akshara was up for interviews to promote her film (I repeat, to promote her film) Laali ki Shaadi Mein Laaddoo Deewana at Raheja Classique (Andheri) and started grumbling that her interviews were mismanaged since they were running late.

Well-known and senior (I repeat, senior) distributor Sunny Khanna who was out there to help in the film’s marketing was told by Akshara to wind up by 6 pm, but when the clock struck 6, one journalist was still waiting to chat with her.

Akshara refused to sit down for the interview in question, saying that she was unwell, and started shouting at Khanna. Bechara journalist tried to intervene and told her that if she had instead started the interview with him, they might have been half-way through.

That only increased Akshara’s fury. She turned around to tell the journalist that he should not interrupt her, since she was talking to Khanna and not him.

After blowing a fuse, Akshara sat down for the interview (by then the journalist had assumed that his interview won’t happen) and like a true actor, went all smiles before the camera. But as soon as she finished answering the last question, she just got up and stormed out of the building.

A visibly embarrassed Khanna was then heard telling Akshara’s co-star Vivaan Shah (Naseeruddin’s son), “Aisa bhi koi behave karta hai?” The diplomatic Vivaan replied very softly, “I think Akshara had a bad day.”

We hear, the journalist is still wondering what made Akshara go so wild and hasn’t recovered from the episode yet. There was no need to call up Khanna to know how he is feeling, so we did not.

Nobody doubts Akshara’s indisposition, but isn’t there a way to say things?

We understand Akshara’s anxiety; her debut film Shamitabh (2015) didn’t do well. But does that call for such rude, unpleasant behaviour? In fact, it calls for elaborate interviews from her side. Kaun samjhaye?

Also, Akshara should have held herself back since Khanna is many years older to her. Aur yeh bhi kaun samjhaye?

Besides, who shouts and brings the house down if things get late by 25-30 minutes? Lekin yeh bhi kaun samjhaye?

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