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Alia Bhatt: Shraddha Kapoor is more Successful than me

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Alia Bhatt: Shraddha Kapoor is more Successful than me


Alia Bhatt and Shraddha Kapoor may have started out their Bollywood carriers more or less at the same time. But, both of them, although being star kids, have chosen different paths to success. Though their paths differ there is always that chance of competition for certain roles between the two. However, the newer breed of actors seem to be making it a point to stay away from eating into each other’s domain. 

But according to Alia, there is no competition. “I don’t see any rat race between us, so I find it unnecessary when people say that I have gone ahead. In fact, Shraddha has delivered more Rs 100 crore films than I have. So technically, she has been more successful at the box office,” says Alia.

If that wasn’t all, Alia Bhatt also reveals that while she isn’t someone who constantly keeps tabs on her contemporaries, she is aware of what work Shraddha Kapoor is doing and that though she doesn’t see a race between them, she is not just fond of Shraddha and Parineeti Chopra, but also fond of their work.

The 23-year-old likes to stay updated about her contemporaries’ work. “It’s not like I read about their work on my phone every morning, but I’m aware, and there’s nothing wrong in that. We are all in an encouraging, friendly and positive space,” she explains.

Alia is excited about her next, ‘Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya’, in which she plays a small-town girl. “Vaidehi [her character] is lively and fiery. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is an ambitious girl. At the same time, she is sensitive towards her family. Certain experiences in life have made her bitter, so she isn’t thrilled when she receives attention from Badri [Varun Dhawan’s character]. I had a lot of fun working on the movie,” says Alia.

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