Alia Bhatt Stuck Alone with her Drunk Bodyguard at 3 in the night

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Alia Bhatt Stuck Alone with her Drunk Bodyguard at 3 in the night



It had so happened that Alia was at her boyfriend Sidharth Malhotra’s home in Bandra and in the late hours of the night, she decided to return to her Juhu home.

She called her bodyguard and there was no reply. Alia had specifically told him to be around, so that she could be escorted home. But despite repeated calls, the bodyguard did not pick up.

Alia was getting desperate by the minute and she kept calling him. Eventually, the bodyguard picked up and soon Alia was on her way back home, with the bodyguard sitting beside her.

And it was then that Alia realised that her bodyguard was drunk. As soon as he opened his mouth to offer an explanation, he slurred and his rank breath smelled of liquor.

Alia did not want to confront him them because she was scared that he may do something inappropriate in his drunken state.

She waited till she got home and then immediately she told the bodyguard that his behaviour was inappropriate. The guard kept denying that he was not drunk but his antics proved otherwise.

Once she was safely dropped home, Alia told him off for his inappropriate behaviour. Her mother, Soni Razdan, concerned about her safety, reportedly fired the bodyguard first thing in the morning. Alia sure had a close call!

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