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Alia Bhatt to star in Priyanka Chopra’s film?

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Alia Bhatt to star in Priyanka Chopra’s film?



Priyanka Chopra is currently keeping busy with her American television and film commitments. Although she has not yet announced a new Bollywood film in the pipeline, reports suggest that Priyanka Chopra is considering producing a feature film for children which will be based on stray dogs. She has already proved to be a successful producer with a few good regional films under her belt and now it seems that she has her eye set on Bollywood.

While one was a two-hero film where her team found it difficult to convince two male actors to come on board (insecure much?), she openly spoke about the other project in a previous video interview. She had said, “In Hollywood, you have films where you have incredible actors who come together just to do four or six scenes. That’s the thing I miss in India. I was casting for this kid’s film and I wanted a big-time female actor to come and do six scenes. It’s a small issue-based film about kids and stray dogs. My mother shot me down saying the actor’s entourage will cost more than the film. So, I will probably end up doing it myself someday.”

Priyanka Chopra also approached Alia Bhatt for the film but when asked Alia Bhatt rubbished the news by saying, “ I have never been someone who has seen films in that way. It doesn’t matter what screen time I have. I don’t look at it as a parameter or the only diktat to do films. I’m really inspired by the way she’s doing things. She has produced some amazing films and more so, in different languages. It’s about different corners of India and she’s got a great mind so, she recognises that. I’ve not been offered the film. But if PC did come to me and I find it interesting, I’d love to be a part of that film. It totally depends on the right time and the right subject. I’d happily do it, if everything falls in place.”

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