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‘Alien Egg’ going viral on social media making big news

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Dan Hoarse, a wildlife photographer from Hampshire posted pictures of a fungus so called ‘alien egg’ also known as devil’s fingers became a hit as soon as the picture were posted by him on his Twitter account.Thousands of people commented on this unusual looking fungus, growing curious to know about the fungus.Red tentacles hatching from a fleshy egg-like sac was mistaken for an alien egg.

The fungus breaks the egg-like sac from which its body arises, Four to eight reddish arms coated with dark, foul-smelling tissue.The odour is very unpleasant giving it one more name ‘octopus stinkhorn’. Many tweeted asking whether it was real, whereas some said that they had never seen anything like this ever before.As reported by Dan Hoare, devil fingers are growing on a dramatic scale in the New Forest.

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