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Allari Naresh’s competitive spirit with Mohan Babu

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As exciting as it was to work with an actor whose comic timing I have admired growing up, I was apprehensive about being able to perform comfortably with a veteran of over 560 films. You know, I need to feel relaxed to give my best,” explains Naresh whose fears were allayed in his very first meeting with the veteran. “He told me to relax and gave me a free hand to perform how I’d like to and that broke the ice,” he says.

Having said that, Naresh confesses to sparing no effort in trying to better Mohan Babu’s performance. “Well, as an actor, I am selfish. I’d love nothing more than listening to people say that I performed better than Mohan Babu. But the competition was healthy and only helped make the film better,” quips Naresh who plays a sly, cunning and street-smart guy in the film.



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