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Allu Arjun supports Ram Charan

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With the recent hostility among veteran film makers and star actors about the release of VV Vinayak’s  ‘Bruce Lee’,  Ram Charan justified the release of Bruce Lee on 16 October by saying that they announced this date way back in February. The other two films ‘Rudrama Devi’ and ‘Akhil’ which were supposed to release much earlier got postponed.Dasari Narayana Rao has criticized the festival release intentions of big heroes by not allowing Rudrama Devi to survive in the long run.

With Ram Charan’s justification followed by Dasari’s criticism, everyone was curious to know as to what  Allu Arjun has to say about this entire hoopla. Bunny sported a crucial and popular role of Gona Gannareddy in Rudramadevi. In a tweet, Allu Arjun has clarified that Bruce Lee coming on 16 October is completely justified.

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