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Allu Arjun’s take on ‘Kshanam’

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Recently released film, ‘Kshanam’ is sure garnering great response from one and all. Allu Arjun tweeted in praise of this film, a first ever, in his own words.’My personal note about the movie #Kshanam ! Congratulations @AdiviSesh , Dir N the entire team,’ he tweeted, and further said, ‘I had a policy not to publicly tweet about any good or bad film.  But, for once, I am making an exception to support Kshanam.  I personally liked it.  All lovers of suspense thriller genre should watch Kshanam,’ the Stylish Star said.Praising the likes of Ravikanth Perepu, he said, ‘I admire the way the new age Telugu film directors and actors are making good films and are taking the Telugu film industry a step ahead.’

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