AM Rathnam to get Pawan and Harish Together Again?

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Pawan Kalyan and Harish Once Again
Pawan Kalyan and Harish Once Again

Director Harish Shankar is a big fan of Pawan Kalyan and we are all aware of that. He made his dream come true with ‘Gabbar Singh’. Who can get enough of him? Harish couldn’t settle down with one film and wants to do another film with PK.

We heard that Hareesh approached producer, A. M. Rathnam and narrated a story. For the ones who didn’t know it yet, A M Ratnam is eagerly waiting to produce a film with Pawan Kalyan again. Looks like the ‘Khushi’ producer is impressed with the story line and asked passed it on to Pawan kalyan. Pawan sat down for the narration and nodded positively, says the sources.

Right now Pawan is preparing for ‘Husharoo’ by S J Suriya, which will be on sets from 2nd June. Pawan doing a film for A. M. Rathnam is fix as of now. Will it be directed by Harish Shankar? Or a remake of Vedalam?

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