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Amir Khan to produce a documentary film on transgenders

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Amir Khan is no wonder called as Mr.Perfectionist and he is not just a perfectionist but a multifaceted talent because he has started  his career as an actor, then director, has worked as a television host and now he will be dawning the hat of a producer for a documentary film. This film is based on transgenders. Aamir and Jackie Shroff have been good friends over a long period of time now.

Jackie Shroff’s daughter Krishna Shroff is also co-producing the documentary on transgenders along with her friend Reshel Shah and  Aamir Khan has jumped on to  the bandwagon and accepted to offer his support. The major portions of the documentary on transgenders have already been shot and completed, the project is in the editing stage and would be released in 2016. Most of the documentary has been completed and the documentary is going through some important editing shots and will be presented to audience in 2016.

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