Another Twist in Arijith-Salman Controversy: Fateh Ali Khan Spoke Finally

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Arijith-Salman Controversy: Fateh Ali Khan Spoke Finally
Arijith-Salman Controversy: Fateh Ali Khan Spoke Finally

After the Apology letter that broke internet a while ago, the controversy between Arijit Singh, Salman Khan and ‘Sultan’ Song is not getting any dull. Day by day someone or the other is talking about it and it goes on and on.

Recently Singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, on whose voice the Most-talked-about song ‘Jag Ghoomeya’ was released and he said he was not even aware that the song was recorded by someone else before him. According to the reports the melody from Sultan was first recorded by Arijith Singh but te final copy have the voice of Rahat fateh Ali Khan and credits to the same Pakistani singer. According to Arijit, Salman did it as he is mad at him for joking in a public function three years ago.

While all this is going on, Fateh Ali Khan was probed on many incidents and situations of singer in Bollywood. He was asked if he was ever pressurized by stars while singing. He said, ‘Fortunately we have never faced that pressure, ever. We worked with some amazing filmmakers and directors, who were very open and respectful about our work and they want us to work with whoever we want to’.

Lated he was quizzed if choosing singers and casting the films is the same process. If the producers and actors get to chose the singers.

‘When we make music, we make it for films. In a film what happens is you cast. The director casts the actors, cameraman, the DOP (director of photography). In the same way when we make music we cast singers the way the requirement of the song is’.

‘Usually the director and producer agree with us. When there is a need for a certain casting, we try and achieve that kind of casting’. He concluded humbly.

But the only people who aren’t talking about it are Arijit Singh, Salman Khan and Vishal-Sekhar, the composers of the film. Let’s wait. More and more.

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