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Anushka Sharma Wishes happy ‘Diwali’ With Cute Request

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Anushka Sharma Wishes happy 'Diwali' With Cute Request
 Anushka Sharma Wishes happy ‘Diwali’ With Cute Request


Anushka Sharma tweeted her wishes of Diwali with a request saying don’t harm animals and Light up but stop noice pollution heve positive Diwali.

It’s time your furry friends stopped hiding in some corner and joined you in your #Diwali celebrations. Have a “PAWsitive Diwali”. tweetet Anushka Sharma.

Diwali is the most famous celebrated holiday in India as it marks the Hindu New Year. It signifies the victory of good over evil. But for certain years, we are doing more harm than good on this very auspicious day. We are harming the current generation of life as well as the future generation that is yet to come. There something wrong with the way we celebrate it that not only makes us suffer but also our future children.

On Diwali, pollution just shoots up like a rocket (it goes up by 30%). It is estimated that for every hour of fireworks display, the compound ‘strontium’ increases by 120 times (in small amounts it is harmless but in larger amounts it causes damage to bones and can cause blood clotting disorders) in the air. Not only that, but magnesium also increases by 22 times, barium by 12 times, potassium by 11 times and copper by six times. Firecrackers also contain traces of heavy metals that are toxic to the human body. These harms Animals more than human who can’t even express their pain.

Let’s celebrate Diwali keeping in mind that it’s not our earth to keep, we have merely borrowed it from our children. Let’s not do more damage than we have already done. Let’s do our own bit to save the earth. This Diwali let there be friendship, love, light, and life rather than smoke, noise, garbage, injury and pollution.

Live and let live.

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