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Anushka’s “Bhagmati” is Period Drama or Modern Thriller?

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Anushka’s "Bhagmati" Upcoming Movie 2016
Anushka’s “Bhagmati” Upcoming Movie 2016

Kannada beauty Anushka Shetty is not a non-Telugu actress anymore. After films like ‘Arundhati’, ‘Rudhramadevi’ and ‘Baahubali’ Telugu audience started owning her never like before. Post the release of ‘Bahubali’, UV Creations announced that their next film is with Anushka. After a few days, writer, director G Ashok revealed the title ‘Bhagmati’. A lot of assumptions guesses and too many gossips started taking rounds after that.

Since there was a trend of Period dramas going on, a lot of film makers are preparing scripts and stories from different eras. The first thing that hits our mind with the name ‘Bhagmati’ is wife of Hyderabad ruler Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah and their legendry love story. We can’t blame the audience for expecting such character to be portrayed by an actress like Anushka. And they said ‘Prabhas’ will be seen in this film too, we can’t stop the speculations about it. Everybody almost made up their mind to watch the High-end periodic drama behind the evolution of the city Hyderabad.

But breaking all the bubbles, Anushka recently confirmed that ‘Bhagmati’ is not about about the Yakutpura queen. It’s a Modern day Thriller, which revolves around a girl named Bhagmati. We expected a little too much from ‘Pilla Jamindar’ director too soon. She didn’t talk about the special appearance of Prabhas but Jayaram Subrahmanian, a predominant Malayalam actor and Padmasri recipient of 2011 will be making his debut to Telugu Film Industry with this film. He has already started working on this body for the role it seems. He did express his excitement in couple of media interactions and looking forward to work with Anushka.

The film will go on sets any time sooner. According to the makers, the film will be released by Mid of January 2017.

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