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Anushka’s first ever fan moment

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‘Wedding Pullav’ trailer has been recently launched and the lead actress of the movie, Anushka Ranjan is all ecstatic with the kind of response the movie trailer has garnered. The actress has been appreciated for her work in her debut film. She is the daughter of the famous producer duo , Anu Ranjan and Shashi Ranjan. Anushka shares her fan moment wit one of the sources by saying that she is getting under the skin of famedom as  people tend to stare and look at your face for longer now and she is trying to be as normal as possible.

She is very happy at the moment a she is getting shipshape compliments not just from family and industry but from the public alike which is even more special. Recently at the Delhi airport, one of the co-passengers came up to her and asked if sh was the actress in ‘Wedding Pullav’ and that was the moment when she sunk in and got thrilled, She immediately messaged her sister about her first fan moment.

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