Anushka’s Guests Have Another Link

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100 rupees ticket we’re gong to see nearly five heroines and heroines with “Size Zero“. As the film got more weight with guests like Nagarjuna, Rana, Kajal, Tamanna and Sri Divya doing guest roles, it’s being felt in film circles that all these cameos are the result of Anushka’s friendship with them.
because all these stars and starlets are part of the other projects being produced by PVP Cinema. While Nag and Tamanna are from “Oopiri“, Rana and Sri Divya come from “Bangalore Days” remake and Kajal is from “Brahmotsavam“. Probably it’s the connection of these stars with PVP’s other project that made them part of “Size Zero” but not anything else.
Anyway, only if Anushka’s heavy weighted comedy clicks at box office,Hope director Prakash Rao Kovelamudi is going to taste the first success of his career.

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