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Apoorva: A love Story Without logic

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Apoorva MOVIE Review
Apoorva MOVIE Review

A Love story cum Thriller written, directed and produced and acted by V Ravichandran. It was supposed to be a love story between a 61 year old man and 1 year old girl. But after the show, you realize there is a thriller as well which made you sit at the edge of the seats.

There is a long list of Thanking credits and special appearances yet the film mainly revolves around Ravichandran and Apoorva, though there is no much space to revolve as it is all in a lift.


Rajasekhar and Apoorva get stuck in a shopping mall lift during a terrorist attack. With over 42 years og age gap, love evolves between the two people in a dramatic way. The director goes to the extend to call it a 1961 love story, but don’t try to relate it to the 60’s era. It has no connection with the time travel. After a while when Apoorva has fallen for him, Has she fallen in love because she is possibly on the brink of death, asks Rajasekhar. However, she forgets all of this when they are rescued a few hours later and even introduces Rajasekhar to her Boyfriend Akshay as her uncle. What a heartbroken Rajashekhar does after this gives conclusion for the tale.


Ravichandran, at the age of 54 looks effortlessly handsome. Convincing acting by Apoorva in title role. Sudeep and Ravishankar’s cameo, Voice over by Prakash Raj and the life motivating quotes here and there by Ravichandran.


It’s not one of it’s kind. We have seen love stories with huge age difference. A little effort is needed to make it look better than the previous ones. Repeated shots of the close-up of eyes, hair flying followed by more close-ups and hair flying are not gonna create the feel. Ravichandran should know that.

At an overall glance, it’s an average film to watch it once and enjoy.

MovieMint Rating: 2.0/5

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