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AR Rahman honors cricket legend’s mother

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A few days back it was reported that the master-blaster, Sachin Tendulkar visited AR Rahamn’s house and spent a good quality time with Rahamn and his family. He played and some music and sang a song for Sachin while Rahman’s mother fed him with scrumptious biryani. Sachin visited on the occasion of honoring Rahman’s mom as part of an event conducted by a Mumbai based company to honor mothers of celebrities. As Rahman’s mom is unable to travel due to ill health, Sachin himself flew all the way from Mumbai to Chennai in order to do the honors. He awarded the  trophy to Kareema Begum. Similarly, it was Rahman’s turn to reciprocate the honor to Sachin’s mom. So Rahman went to Mumbai on 29th August to take part in the event. He handed over the award to Sachin’s mom, Rajini Tendulkar and had lunch with them.

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