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Arbaaz Khan says Sonakshi Sinha will be a Part of Dabangg 3

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Arbaaz Khan says Sonakshi Sinha will be a Part of Dabangg 3



In 2013, it was reported that Dabangg 3 will be a prequel. In 2014, during the promotion of his production Dolly Ki Doli director of the series Arbaaz Khan confirmed that Dabangg 3 will indeed happen and that the pre-production of it will start soon. It has to be an out of the box idea, only then we can think of making it into a film. Dabangg 3 will not about the story carried forward but something very different coming in way. In March 2015, Arbaaz Khan said: he may not direct Dabangg 3 due to the pressure of playing three roles (Producer, Actor and Director) in it. In April 2015, Arbaaz Khan said the film may take one or two years to shape up as it is postponed due to Sultan. After much speculation, it is confirmed in August 2016, that Sonakshi Sinha will be part of Dabangg 3 and another actress might join her.
While Dabangg was directed by Abhinav Kashyap and the sequel was directed by Arbaaz Khan, it is unclear who will direct the third part of the franchise. Here, Arbaaz Khan says in an interview.

“It will happen. I’m going to sit down with Salman, ideate on a few things. This year, we begin with pre-production and preparation. Next year, we start work on the film. It will take up an entire year,” he said.

There will be a portion of it that will be a prequel, but it won’t be a prequel completely. There will be a back-and-forth scenario.

“I am still contemplating whether I want to direct it or not. There would be too much on my plate, were I to take it up. Right now, it’s just a possibility that I will direct the film. I will see how everything goes. If I feel comfortable, if I feel there is not much pressure on me because I’m acting, producing, directing, handling Salman, there is a good chance that I will still do it. It’s equally possible that if I can find somebody, who I feel is competent enough, I will bring him in.”

Yes. Like Dabangg was directed by Abhinav, D2 was directed by me andD3 could be directed by somebody else. The brand remains where it is. There is no pressure that I have to direct the film. I will do it only if I feel there is something new I want to tell. I have done Dabangg 2, maybe another director will have a different view of it. We can guide him. Salman and I are always there with whoever directs it. We are going to give our full support.

“She should be a part of it, but there might be another leading lady in the film because you have got to add some amount of newness. You cannot change everything, but you can add a few characters… But it is not as though Sonakshi’s role will be non-existent,” Arbaaz said.

Other franchises have not repeated heroines.

We are more on the lines of the Rocky series. You will see the supporting cast being retained

Will Malaika return to do an item number?

I have no clue. We could manage to get her a small part in D3.

Names like Amy Jackson and Waluscha D’Souza come up in connection to D3.

Nothing is finalised, so I have no clue….

“Dilip Shukla is the chief writer and he also wrote for the first two films. Also, Salman himself is making several writing suggestions as he has ideas on the direction Dabangg 3 should take. Much of the writing credit for the franchise should go to Salman, that’s another matter. Any contribution Salman makes to the script is going to be big,” Arbaaz said.

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