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Arjun starer ‘Abhimanyu’ gets a state award

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Actor-director Arjun followed up his super hit flick ‘Jai Hind’ with a sequel that released in 2014. This sequel was made as a bilingual in Tamil and Kannada. The Tamil version was just ‘Jai Hind 2’ while the Kannada version was titled as ‘Abhimanyu’ and it was also the debut directorial of Arjun in Kannada.The film dealt with the rots in the Education system and carried a message that insisted the right to free education for every child in India.

Arjun played the lead role apart from producing and directing the flick.The Tamil version received mixed reviews while the Kannada version was widely appreciated by critics.Now Arjun’s ‘Abhimanyu’ has got another glory. The film has received the award the Second Best Kannada film, given by the Karnataka State Government.

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