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Asin’s real life love story

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Asin will soon become misses Sharma as she will be getting married by the end of this year to Rahul Sharma, co-founder of Micromax company. Recently Asin spilled the beans about her love life and how it all started.

She first met him at an airport and later realized that she was flying on the plane that was chartered by him for an event under his sponsorship. Later Rahul’s close friend, Akshay Kumar trivially pulled his leg saying it would be great if both Asin and Rahul get together. After a while Rahul called up Asin and the rest is history as we all know. The best part is that Rahul asked Asin’s parents for her hand. Its only after their parents agreed that both of them started getting into a serious relationship. Moreover Asin asked for more time as she needed to make the most important decision of her life i.e ‘marriage’.

Finally wedding bells are going to ring in December for the couple. We wish them all the very best for their future.

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